SimpliSafe - Home Security System with Outdoor Camera - White

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It’s easy to transform your home into a safe haven with SimpliSafe’s award-winning security system. Everything is simple to set up, effortless to use, and designed to do one thing only: keep your home and family safe. Indoor and outdoor security cameras let you see everything happening in full HD. So you can spot trouble before it comes knocking and capture the evidence if it does. And if someone tries to break in, the burglary sensors will sound the alarm right away. But that’s not all. Whenever your alarm goes off, we’ll call you and send police, firefighters, or ambulances to your door in a snap — and stay on the line with you until they arrive. So no matter where you are or what you’re doing, your home is protected 24/7.


Layers of Whole Home Protection

Award-winning protection for your front lawn, back yard, and everything in between. Backed by optional 24/7 professional monitoring for fast police dispatch.

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

An ultra-wide 140 degree field of view in HD color night vision and a spotlight that shines when there's motion.

Indoor Security Camera with Privacy Shield

Get alerts and watch 1080p HD video. Comes with a stainless steel privacy shutter so you can be 100% sure it is not recording.

Simple to set up. Seriously secure.

Set everything up easily in about 30 minutes. No drilling or wiring required.

Window, door and motion detection

Entry sensors alert you when someone tries to enter and is designed to work on almost any type of window, door and cabinet. With 90 degree vision, put the motion sensor in a corner to guard a whole room.

Get alerts when someone is outside

Alerts you when someone approaches. So you know if someone is on your property who shouldn’t be.

Deter intruders before they enter

Tell unwanted guests they’re on camera with 2-way audio - or even sound a loud siren.

Power outage protection

If you lose power, your base station’s backup battery kicks in for up to 24 hours

You can arm it when you are home

Move freely about your home while still guarding doors and windows.

Control your system from anywhere

Arm, disarm, check your security footage and more on the SimpliSafe App.

“Alexa, tell SimpliSafe to lock up.”

Arm your system at home with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

24/7 Professional Monitoring (optional)

We're on guard 24/7, ready to dispatch police, firefighters, and ambulances when you need help.

Yard sign & security decals

Let everyone know your home is protected by SimpliSafe — with a big sign and window stickers they can’t miss.

1 year warranty

Get a free replacement for anything that breaks within the first year.

Ready for extreme weather

Works in snow and in rain, and can handle weather extremes from -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C), Weather Resistant.

Included Free

  • SimpliSafe - Temperature Sensor - White
    A $29.99 value!
    Protect your home from burst pipes with this SimpliSafe Temperature Sensor. It sounds an alarm if the temperature drops below 41 degrees F, and with a monitoring plan, you can receive a phone call, text or email notification of a potential freeze. Place this SimpliSafe Temperature sensor in any climate-controlled room to protect fine art and other temperature-sensitive items.

What's Included

  • Base Station, Keypad, 3 Entry Sensors, Motion Sensor, Indoor Camera, Outdoor Camera, Batteries, Security Decals, Yard Sign, 3 ft. sake

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